Testing Well Water

Well water - what should you be testing for?

Details in my video, click the photo below to take you to it.

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Video Transcript:

It's true, it's true (pointing to the mug). 
Just got a quick tip for anyone buying a house out there. 
I find it's something that so many home buyers don't think about, but everyone should. In my opinion, everyone should test for minerals either before they buy the house or even after. 
So I say after because if you’re in competition, maybe you don’t want a long form mineral test hanging over the seller's head. Maybe they won't choose your offer because of that.
It's not the end of the world if you do find something in your water. 
You can put a system in to take it out of your water, which actually we just did. 
Uranium is common enough that you do have to worry about having uranium in your well. 
Arsenic is another one that you don't want in there. 
It's because cancer, uranium they say could cause kidney disease or cancer could be one of those.
Uranium does turn up now and again and you just put a reverse osmosis system in, it's about $1,100 plus tax. 
Probably not a big enough expense that's going to prevent you from buying that house that you want to buy. 
And it's a nice clean drinking water once you have one in anyway. So quick little tip test for uranium, test for minerals, so you know what is in your water. 
I'm not one to say put a water softener in real quick, but if there's something like uranium, definitely put an RO (reverse osmosis) system in. 
(Tasting running tap water) Yeah, definitely Uranium in this. 
Also, if you have those mugs that everyone was fighting over around Christmas time (referring to the Stanley mugs), you might want to test for lead in that too.

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