Senior Living: New Brunswick's Top Retirement Destinations

New Brunswick offers retirees the perfect blend of natural beauty, affordability, community, and quality of life. That is what makes it a top choice for those looking to enjoy their golden years to the fullest. New Brunswick offers several charming areas for those seeking a peaceful and scenic lifestyle. Here are our top areas to consider:

Rothesay: Known for its upscale neighborhoods, old-charm, and waterfront properties, Rothesay offers a variety to suit every preference. Beyond its stunning real estate, Rothesay boasts a thriving community atmosphere, where neighbors become friends and every day feels like a celebration of life. From farmers' markets, many nearby parks, quaint boutiques, artisanal shops, a variety of cafes, the Rothesay Commons gardens, playground and outdoor skating rink - there's always something new to explore and experience in this charming town. Rothesay also offers retirees a wealth of recreational opportunities to stay active and engaged. Whether you enjoy leisurely strolls along scenic trails, tennis at the Rothesay Tennis Club, a rowing club, curling or golf at the nearby Riverside Golf and Country Club, boating adventures on the river from Renforth Wharf, or ice-fishing from the wharf in the Winter, Rothesay provides ample opportunities to indulge in your favorite pastimes or the opportunity to pick up a new one. making it an idyllic haven for those seeking to enjoy their golden years in style.

Quispamsis: Adjacent to Rothesay, Quispamsis boasts a welcoming community with a slightly more rural feel beyond the bustle of the busy city but still being along the gorgeous Kennebecasis River. With beautiful parks, numerous walking trails, recreational facilities like the Q-Plex that hosts an indoor walking track and summer pool with aqua-cise class. For the avid gardeners, you also have a wide selection of nearby nurseries. Quispamsis holds a strong sense of community, with plenty of social activities and events where Retirees can easily connect with others and participate in clubs, classes, and volunteer opportunities. If you're looking for a bit more adventure, you have your pick of Golf choices being situated between Riverside Golf and Country Club as well as the Hampton Golf Club. Take a short jaunt on the ferry to cross the River and enjoy the Kingston Peninsula where many farmers markets and stores can be found, such as Kredl's, or visit Elmhurst Outdoors in the winter months for cross country skiing and so much more.

Hampton: With its historic charm and close-knit community, Hampton provides a relaxed lifestyle within proximity to amenities, shopping, natural attractions and scenic landscapes that are perfect for leasurely walks and a peaceful retirement. Offering lower priced homes than the city, you can also enjoy more wiggle room in your wallet to take advantage of all that there is to offer - a stroll around town square and the nearby shops, cafes, or one-of-a-kind restaurants, hiking one of the nearby trails or biking country backroads and fishing. Enrich your life and socialization by attending a local gallery, theater, the local pool or one of the many community events held downtown or at the Town Square. Have a furry companion that's friendly with people? Check out the many patios that will allow you and fido to join in on the fun together.

Grand Bay-Westfield: Situated along the Saint John River, this area offers a range of outdoor activities, including hiking trails and the Grand Bay-Westfield golf course. There are also many grocery and shopping options nearby so that you don't feel excluded from the city. With an abundance of 50+ clubs to fulfill everyones fancy - Art classes, yoga, a garden club, softball, and cribbage to name a few - you can keep your mind sharp and your friends list growing. The Saint John marina is also located in this community which adds to the fun that can be had.

St. Andrews: Located about an hour's drive from Saint John, St. Andrews is a picturesque seaside town renowned for its rich maritime heritage and wonderful seaside retreats along the Bay of Fundy. Retirees are drawn to its scenic beauty, cultural attractions, and vibrant community as the main streets come alive with markets and vendors in the warmer months and restauants showcase their stunning bayside views. Walk the shores at low tide or take a trip down the pier at high tise and what ocean creatures you can spot while you enjoy an ice cream under the warm sun.  Take a tour of the Algonquin Resort or the gardens and relax in life's simple pleasures. Nearby Huntsman Marine Science Centre also offers a unique opportunity to enjoy an immersion into ocean life, or a low tide beach stroll with one of it's many classes.The possibilities are endless in this serene and enjoyable town.

St. Martins: Famous for it's stunning sea caves, dramatic coastline and coastal scenery, St. Martins offers a seaside retreat with character like no other for retirees who appreciate a mix of nature, seaside living and ultimate quiet. Kayaking takes on a whole new level with the exploration this natural landscape delivers. Enjoy the quaint shops or one of many top seafood restaurants that this town offers, such as Spinney's Seafood. Take up ATVing, cross country skiing in this mostly untouched landscape or tour the local history at the Quaco Museum and learn more about the Captains and Shipbuilders that have shaped the community to be what it is today. 

Sussex: Located a bit farther from Saint John, Sussex offers an even lower cost of living but still has many advantages to offer such as cultural events like the Atlantic Ballon Fiesta (featuring Hot Air Balloons), Agricultural Museum of New Brunswick, restaurants, farms, and outdoor recreational opportunities that include fishing, camping, snowmobiling, skiing and other winter related activities at Poley Mountain. In the summer, you can also enjoy mountain biking paths at Poley. 

Ready to embark on your journey to the perfect retirement destination? Let us help you find your peaceful haven and start living your dream retirement today. Whether it's serene coastal living or charming countryside retreats, the possibilities are endless - Begin your next chapter now!

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