Navigating Scams in Real Estate

Navigating Social Media & Online Scams in Real Estate

Social media has become a top platform for promoting businesses, but it has also opened doors for scammers to exploit.

Our recent $10K giveaway draw was targeted by a fake account trying to profit from the contest's popularity.

Cybercriminals are hijacking accounts, posting damaging content, and promoting fake opportunities. With about 1 in 4 people losing money to scammers, vigilance on social media is crucial.

Real estate is not immune to these scams. Having a vigilant Realtor and Real Estate advisor is more important than ever.

Important Tips to Avoid Scams:
🚩  Wire or Deposit Instructions: Always get these directly from your Realtor and avoid links that ask to 'send money.'
🚩  Financial Information: Only share financial details with your agent through trusted contact methods.
🚩  Contractor Scams: If planning a build or addition, get recommendations from your trusted real estate agent.
🚩  Moving Companies: Choose a moving company with high reviews or one recommended by your agent.
🚩 "We Buy Ugly Houses" Letters: Before responding, get multiple opinions on your home's value to avoid lowball offers.

Transparency in real estate transactions is key to keeping you protected. Here’s to a purrrr-fect summer free from scams!

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