Mastering the System for YOUR Benefit

Mastering the system to benefit my clients 👨🏼‍💻

Video Transcript:
This is a tip for just my clients.
If theres anyone watching out there that's not a client and is not going to be a client, Beat it (joking).
I don't know what you're doing here in the first place.
Alright, let's give them a minute there, OK? OK.
That's probably enough. 
Now that we got rid of those bums, those leeches, those…
Anyways, that's enough. 
Here's a tip. 
There's still a lot of multiple offer situations going on out there. 
Not quite as much as it used to be, but there's still a lot of them going on out there. 
Give yourself an advantage, or a few advantages over other buyers - don't just throw your best number out there and hope for the best. There are other tricks and there's a few that we've come up as a come up with as a team here that seemed to work and are a little unique to the market. 
I won't go through all of them, but here’s a few. 
Waving the water tests - worst case scenario, what is it really going to cost you if the worst case happens and is that worth losing, or potentially losing, the offer to somebody else for if you don't wave that water test. 
So that's it's an idea so use one or more of these ideas. 
Another idea that I like and this one has worked multiple times now for different clients of mine, a non refundable deposit up front. 
So it's not a 5% deposit that you're risking losing, but you could put even something as low as $1000 up front to show that you have confidence in your financing. 
If you have a financing clause and you're not a cash offer, that could set you apart from all the other financing clauses, all the other buyers that have financing clauses. 
Provide a pre approval letter for sure, but also show confidence that I'm meeting that condition by this deadline and I’m putting this much on the line to show you that I'm super confident and if you go with me it's a sure thing. 
So there's a you know you can waive an inspection. 
There's other things too to show you’re a sure thing. 
If you write a cover letter to the seller, don't make it all about you make it about the seller and what you do mention about yourself of course show the seller that you're a sure choice. 
So again something like that financing approval and the non refundable deposit that goes along with it. 
You could Say stuff like here's why I'm a sure thing. 
I feel like your house was super solid when I toured it. 
I can't see this falling apart for any reason that type of thing when you write that cover letter. 
I hope this helps and I hope to be going through this list of things with you when it's time to write your offer sometime soon.

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