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Continuing your home hunt in the new year or just starting? Let us help simplify the search - we can tell you more about Saint John and The Towns by the Bay that’ll have you booking a visit to come see it for yourself!

Send us a message and we’ll help you explore which wonderful area would suite you best for all of life’s upcoming possibilities. Put the Premium Crew to work for you.

Video Transcript:

One of the things I love about the greater Saint John area is that there's so many different lifestyle choices that are offered here. 
So if you're looking for a great family area, there's a place - Rothesay, Quispamsis area - they call the Valley. 
And there's so many families that live in the Valley. 
I found the people are super friendly and the schools are great. 
Then in Saint John there's character neighbourhoods, there's, you know, the weather is different.
I find there's - like the West side - for example. 
Half of it will get fog some evenings and then half of it won't see fog at all. So you have to know all about the area. 
Some of some of the areas near the ocean, some of it's near the two major rivers. 
You should know where the boat docks are, if you're into boating and the beaches, there's all kinds of different lifestyles. 
So don't just think about the property that you're buying, but think about the area that property is in as well.

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