Catch The Perfect Breeze

Coming off the last few storms that hit us in New Brunswick, one thing has become abundantly clear… Finding a home that fits just right is like catching the perfect breeze. You’ve got to consider every direction it comes from and how you will be impacted.

Is there lots of tree cover in the neighbourhood you’re eyeing? Your home will likely see less wind. Hopefully they’re also far enough away that they can’t create damage if they come down. Less tree cover or no tree cover means your home will likely be open to wind on at least one side of your home the majority of the time.

Is this something that you’ve factored into buying before or will you now?

Video Transcript:

You're probably out touring homes on nice days usually, but picture.
The homes you're touring, picture of them on every kind of day going. So picture them on a nice day and where does the sun set? 
Get your compass out on your phone, your compass AA out and see where the sun sets. 
Also see which way is South, though. 
See which way the wind is going to be blowing with some of these big wind storms we've had lately. 
You know, maybe you're you find the views totally worth it if it's up on a hill and you get a really nice hillside view you see for miles. 
Or maybe it's a water view. 
You're right on the water, but the water is going to give you extra wind, same as being high on a hill is. 
Are you the type that wants the tree cover and, once you know, shelter from the wind because you just hate the wind? 
Or are you OK with the wind?
Doesn't buy you that much. 
The views are totally worth it anyway. 
Whatever day you're out touring homes, picture it on every type of day. 
It kind of goes without saying, but it's something you may not think about. 
Get that compass app out. 
See where the sun sets. 
See where the wind blows.

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