Be A Snow-Stopper

Thinking of listing in the colder months? We got you. Here's your guide to be the cat's meow this winter.

1. Get Lit - No, not in that that for when the house closes, I’ll supply a bottle of my premium house blend. What we really mean is - turn on the lights and keep it bright inside during those shorter & darker days.

2. Snow Relocation Services - Keep the home inviting and make sure all walkways and railings are cleared and not slippery. Invest in sand or salt to keep the exterior of the home safe and welcoming.

3. Enlist Leafy Tenants - Brighten up the dreary days with a pop of green to remind everyone how beautiful your outdoor space is going to be once the white stuff goes. For a pop of front door green - look at junipers, boxwood or hollies to survive the colder weather.

4. Dish Out the Pane Therapy - Get to scrubbin that glass! Let potential buyers focus on the views instead of the window streaks or little kiddo hand prints. I know, I know - it’s easier said than done but this little detail can go a long way.

5. Nighttime Glow-Up Squad - Put a string of lights on that exterior fence or a few solar powered lights at the end of your driveway to help guide people where to go. Exterior lights also help buyers to view the yard size from inside the home when its dark.

Want to chat about your home and any other ideas to help make it look it's best?


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