Do you say "Please Share"?

Click on the image below to watch Shawn's video #QuickTip for anyone thinking of selling.
Or, for agents who have an upcoming listing.

Video Transcript:
Here's a quick tip for all you please sharers out there. Just Don't. Don’t.
When you're selling your house, definitely share the link to the website, to MLS.
Ask to share the info on there but don't say please share.
We make your home look special and try to make buyers feel lucky at the chance to buy it. 
And I love it when sellers have been able to share the listing.
But if you say please share it, don't say please share because it looks desperate in a way, or too anxious, you know look share it but let's say 'look at the photos turned out',  or 'love how the video, turned Realtors doing a great job so far and stuff like this. 
Just don't say please share.
We want to lead the viewers to understand what a benefit your home would be in their life. 

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