AI & Real Estate

It's the end of January and one topic keeps getting hotter and more relevant in every industry - AI.

As a Real Estate agent who has been in the business for over 18 years, I’ve seen quite a bit of evolution with our industry and I have to say, i'm excited to incorporate this change. Now, now - don't come at me with the pitchforks just yet, hear me out first. As an agent who seeks to constantly evolve and give everyone a premium experience, I see AI as an advantage to not only my time but also what my clients' seek to gain from me and my services. AI and tech integration is entering our world faster than ever and part of being a professional in any business successfully is the ability and understanding that sometimes you need to pivot and accept what’s coming, while also making it your own.

As a trusted professional in the Real Estate world, a literal part of my job is to leverage the market information for my buyers and sellers and now I can do that even faster with the use of AI and technology integrations. What does this mean for my Sellers and Buyers? Don’t worry, I won’t be eliciting the help of a virtual stager that clearly looks fake or sending you to showings with a robot. I will however embrace technology that helps enhance the presence and marketability of your home, utilize data insights that help my buyers and sellers make informed decisions and most importantly, use technology to streamline the processes of buying and selling. As with anything, you just need to know when to draw the line of useful information and overused information. Putting the pitch fork down now? Great, thanks. You are the most important part of my business and while I will never hand you over to a robot, I will use the 'robot technology' to OUR advantage to do what's best for you.

Cheers to a fantastic 2024 where information and technology clock in for duty, working harder than a caffeinated cat on a Monday morning.

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